Yatu Collaborates with Henan Hongji Group to Hold the Spraying Skills Competition

April 30, 2023
April 30, 2023 ytadmin

From April 25th to 26th of 2023, the “Chang Hong Cup” spraying skills competition was successfully held at the FAW Volkswagen store of Hongji Group in Henan province. The competition was carried out with the theme of “Gathering Craftsmanship, Competing Skills, Winning the Future” and was sponsored by the “Zhengzhou Qi Cai”, which is the agency of Yatu. They gathered together to exchange ideas, and the results were fruitful. The competition was highly praised by the group leaders. It’s reflecting the commitment to exploring professional and skilled talents and great importance attached to cultivating a high-quality of after-sales service team in Hongji Group.

Wonderful Spraying Skills Brings People a Visual Feast

Elite athletes from various 4S stores under Hongji Group are fully armed in the tedious process, methodically holding spray guns and adjusting parameters, highly focused on every process, meticulously polishing every defect, and spraying every product with care. They have demonstrated their superb technical skills and demonstrated excellent competitive level, dedicating a wonderful skill feast to the competition.

Outstanding Skills Requires Long-term Training and Refinement

After the competition, the Yatu teacher conducted on-site analysis and explanation based on the theoretical and practical evaluation results of the competition, and deeply interacted with the athletes. From spraying techniques to color mixing, the technical teacher used rich professional knowledge reserves to make players realize that the improvement of comprehensive skills requires long-term training and refinement.


High Quality Development is Our Future Goal

Technology is only empowering, not omnipotent. Yatu will continue to use a hardcore technical service team, with every bit of craftsmanship, to urge major automotive groups to continuously improve their after-sales technical services.