The first spraying skills competition of Trumpchi was successfully held with the great support of Yatu

December 30, 2023
December 30, 2023 ytadmin

On December 16, 2023, the First Spraying Skills Competition of GAC Trumpchi” was successfully held at the “Guangzhou Traffic Technician College”. As one of the co-organizers, Yatu provided all-round support from theoretical to practical guidance, from preparation to finals. In the current era of product transformation and service first, the competition aims to improve Trumpchi’s maintenance technology reserves, promote the use of new materials and new processes, and also promote technical exchanges between stores and supporting manufacturers.

Skill Talks Everything

In the competition, 48 technicians make good performance and they stood out from the fierce competition of more than 180 players across the country. The competition schedule is in intense, every player focus on their work, polished, spraying primer, and spraying clear coat… they keep calm and skillful, showing high standards of professionalism, showing the  the essence of skills, explaining GAC Trumpchi’s outstanding craftsmanship spirit to the customers from all over the country.

Showell as a Spotlight Product

A lot of brands are competing for excellence, Yatu Showell is making great progress. During the pre-match coaching stage, the technical teacher fully explained its characteristics and spraying points. After the practical operation, everyone gave positive recognition to its  excellent expression and construction performance which helps the players present  efficiently and perfectly skills. The special exhibition area was crowded with people, and Showell’s  elegant appearance design also attracted visitors to stop.

Get More Skills and Face the Future

In this competition, the representatives of each team were full of energy, and Yatu team also doing a great job. With the slogan of “Inherit the world, travel thousands of miles; live an elegant life, draw the future!” Yatu performed outstandingly in the competition and won many awards . In the severe automobile consumer market, facing the keywords of “new energy, new technology, new brand, and the competitor age “, many manufacturers begin to focus on automobile maintenance services. Yatu has consistently understood the pulse of the industry and made progress together with customers , taking multiple measures to promote the continuous improvement of the overall coating level of the industry.