The 30th Spraying Skills Competition held by Yatu & Jindazhou Group

November 7, 2023
November 7, 2023 ytadmin

On 15th Sept to 16th Sept 2023, Changchun Jindazhou Group 30th anniversary automotive spraying skills competition was held in Changchun Kaisheng red flag experience center with the theme “Peak, the strong go together” .This is the third spraying skills competition held by Yatu and Jindazhou Group.

Honor is the affirmation of Skill

Time flying,the competitor from the stores of Jindazhou Group put all out on this competition. From theory to field practice, they meticulous in every details. Yatu combined with Jindazhou Group gave great support to this competition, review and analysis every process, bring us a high standard and fantastic spray skills competition.

Maxytone – the specified paint for this competition

We compete everything in the curent age, like skills, products. Maytone – as the specified paint for this competition, it praised by many people with its efficient and excellent performance from primer, primer surfacer and topcoat.

Win-win cooperation

Jinda Zhou, as the head enterprise of auto group.Yatu, as the leader of auto refinish paint , they work together to push the spraying skills competition to a new level, and win the business growth and brand awareness on both sides. 2024, let’s wait and see, we will win more by the excellent product quality and skills !