Showell, our top-of-the-range refinish system, is available in both waterborne and solvent versions. Combining the latest technological breakthroughs, OEM approved quality and a full system of products with outstanding color tools. This is the pinnacle of Yatu’s brands and the result of years of R&D and refinement. High-production refinish perfection!

This ultra-premium refinish system is aimed at high-output body shops looking to improve workflows, efficiencies and their ultimate finish quality. The same technology used by leading OEM’s is now available to you.





1k Pearl

SW-10P White Pearl
SW-11P Fine White Pearl
SW-12P Extra White Pearl
SW-20P Red Pearl
SW-21P Fine Red Pearl
SW-25P Red Green Pearl
SW-30P Copper Pearl
SW-31P Fine Copper Pearl
SW-40P Yellow Pearl
SW-43P Golden Yellow Pearl
SW-45P Golden Pearl
SW-46P Fine Golden Pearl
SW-50P Green Pearl
SW-51P Fine Green Pearl
SW-60P Blue Pearl
SW-61P Fine Blue Pearl
SW-70P Violet Pearl
SW-72P Violet Red Pearl
SW-910P Crystal White Pearl
SW-920P Crystal Red Pearl
SW-930P Crystal Copper Pearl
SW-940P Crystal Golden Pearl
SW-950P Crystal Green Pearl
SW-960P Crystal Blue Pearl
SW-993P Flame Pearl
SW-994P Super Fine White Pearl

1k Silver

SW-809M Ultrafine Bright Silver
SW-810M Extra Fine Silver
SW-811M Fine White Silver
SW-813M Fine Sparkle Silver
SW-823M Medium Bright Silver
SW-820M Medium White Silver
SW-825M Medium Coarse Silver
SW-826M Medium Coarse Sparkle Silver
SW-830M Coarse Silver
SW-836M Extra Coarse Silver
SW-851M Medium Golden Silver
SW-852M Medium Orange Silver
SW-854M Bright Blue
SW-855M Flame Red
SW-856M Emerald Yellow

1k Toner

SW-110S White
SW-111S White (LC)
SW-115S Transparent White
SW-230S Brick Red
SW233S Brilliant Red
SW-234S Bright Red
SW-238S Transoxide Red
SW-272S Maroon Red
SW-274S Extra Red
SW-275S Burgundy Red
SW-276ST Magenta
SW-277S Tranasparent Red
SW-278S Violet Red
SW-327S Transparent Brown
SW-348S Medium Yellow
SW-432S Golden Yellow
SW-435S Transoxide Yellow
SW-439S Organic Yellow
SW-430S Mud Yellow
SW-455S Lemon Yellow
SW-550S Yellow Green
SW-566S Green
SW-652S Transparent Blue
SW-657S Green
SW-671S Crystal Blue
SW-672S Violet Blue (BlueShade)
SW-675S Blue
SW-678S Violet Blue (Red Shade)
SW-725S Violet
SW-940S General Black
SW-950S Black
SW-960S Blue Black
SW-967SB Extra Black
SW-8520 1K Binder
SW-8530 Filp Controller

2k Toner

SW-100D White
SW-234D Bright Red
SW-238D Brick Red
SW-275D Ruby Red
SW-274D Extra Red
SW-278D Violet Red
SW-326D Orange Red
SW-337D Mud Yellow
SW-348D Medium Yellow
SW-452D Light Yellow
SW-433D Orange Yellow
SW-455D Leadfree Lemon Yellow
SW-550D Yellow Green
SW-566D Green
SW-652D Transparent Blue
SW-672D Violet Blue
SW-675D Toner Blue
SW-725D Violet
SW-940D Black
SW-941D Toner Black


SW-8910 Degreaser
SW-8920 Thinner SRA
SW-8930 Anti-Silicon
SW-8940 Matting Agent
SW-8950 Softing Agent
SW-8960 Retarder Solvent
SW-8980 Quick Drier


SW-811 Clear Coat
SW-822Plus High Velocity Clear Coat
SW-833Plus Extra Fast Drying Clear Coat
SW-877 Glamour Clear Coat
SW-899 High Solid Clear Coat


SW-8652 Epoxy Hardener
SW-GT201 SpeedPrimer Hardener
SW-8601 Fast Hardener
SW-8602 Standard Hardener
SW-8603 Slow Hardener
SW-8611 Fast Hardener
SW-8612 Standard Hardener
SW-8613 Slow Hardener
SW-8631 Fast Hardener
SW-8632 Standard Hardener
SW-8633 Slow Hardener
SW-8641 Primer Fast Hardener
SW-8642 Primer Standard Hardener


SW-8340 Plastic Primer
SW-8352 Epoxy Primer
SW-8440 2K Primer Surfacer
SW-GT20 SpeedPrimer Plus


SW-GT202 SpeedPrimer Thinner
SW-8750 Epoxy Thinner
S-1 Standard Thinner
S-2 Slow Thinner
S-3 Extra Slow Thinner
S-5 Fast Thinner





At a glance :

  • Premium international quality
  • New generation spectrophotometer
  • 24/7 color formulations online
  • Full system of products
  • New 8,500 color chip collection