Yatu Craftsman Ignites City Light

12 мая, 2022
12 мая, 2022 ytadmin

Yatu Craftsman Ignites City Light

To encourage the craftsman spirit, create «Guangdong Technicians” incentive and guiding mechanism with Jiangmen characteristics, cultivate more high-quality technical and skilled talents for Jiangmen industrial clusters development, and provide more solid skilled talents support for the strategy of “Developing City Based on Industry, Big City in the Production”, Jiangmen government conducted the selection of «Guangdong Technicians – Craftsmen in Overseas Chinese City «, in which Li Bowen (an engineer of Yatu R & D department) was rated as the «Top 10 Craftsmen in Overseas Chinese City» and «Top 100 Brilliant Craftsmen in Overseas Chinese City» of Jiangmen in 2022 after rigorous assessment and selection.

Activating Talent Force

Based on precise enterprise positioning, Yatu adheres to the principle of “Enterprise Revitalized by Talents, Strengthened by Skills”, where various skilled talents have won national, provincial or municipal honors and awards. Promoting model worker spirit and craftsman spirit, cultivating talented, skilled and innovative high-quality talents have always been the priority of the company. The talent cultivation system, evaluation mechanism and various incentive-security mechanisms carry out together to stimulate staff exert their abilities thoroughly to advance company development.


Brilliant Roles Model

For over ten years working in Yatu, from being a grass-roots scientific research worker to a team leader, Li Bowen never stop steps on improving product system, optimizing product performance and embracing more difficult industrial fields challenges. He has achieved fruitful scientific research achievements, especially the breakthrough in water-based coating field, which is quite an exemplary force for the development of company and the industry.


2018.07 —The Most Excellent Workers of “Craftsman Spirit, Labor Honor” in Gulao, Heshan.

2018.09 —«Top 10 Heshan Craftsmen in Heshan City”

2019.04 —«May 1st Labor Medal of Guangdong

2021.04 —«National May 1st Labor Medal”

Unstoppable Emerging Star

In recent years, the government obviously accelerates the cultivation of high-quality and high-skilled talents. From macroscopical side, Yatu, who has forward-looking for that, has carried out the company strategy of cultivating, introducing, gathering and using talents for over 20 years, which helps to obtain a number of unique qualifications and breakthroughs in multiple industries and stand out in market.