29 апреля, 2021
29 апреля, 2021 ytadmin

In April 2021, Bowen Li (the R & D engineer in Yatu), was granted “National May 1st Labor Medal”. He is also another Yatu worker who has granted this national honor since the Yatu R&D Engineer Weiming Ruan was awarded the title of “The National Labor Model» in 2015. The spirit of model worker, which has been integrated into the enterprise gene, has been inherited all the time. It leads and encourages all Yatu people to make unremitting innovation and diligent exploration in their work. Now, let’s witness how the hot-blooded Young Man to create his research road.

Bowen Li — The R & D Engineer in Yatu

Weiming Ruan — The R & D Engineer in Yatu

In 2010, he joined Yatu and became to be a beginner in the field of automotive refinish field. When he practiced in the workshop, he started to learn every single link of his work by heart. In 2011, as an assistant engineer of R&D department, he devoted a lot of time and energy to improve the products of binders and clearcoats with the team members successfully, which received good feedbacks. In 2012, Bowen Li and the team undertook the R&D project of «Waterborne Refinish Paints — Metallic Toners». After one year of testing and verification, they completed 32 toners development. The product property can be compared to foreign brands, which has been recognized and praised by customers worldwide. This laid a solid foundation for Yatu to create waterborne automotive refinish paints and explore high-end market.

In 2014, when Yatu Waterborne Paint was applied in the painting project of Auto Makers, he overcame the problem of how to make waterborne basecoat match with automotive original clearcoat, which satisfied the coating requirements in all aspects. In 2017, as the establishment of Yatu Waterborne Coatings Business Department, Bowen Li, who challenged to the more involved fields with the team members as always, mainly committed to the research and development of painting used in Rail Transit, new energy vehicles, construction machinery and automotive interior and exterior trim parts. They finally developed waterborne industrial coatings and waterborne OEM automotive paints, which have been widely used in many fields and projects.

Over the years, with the support of Yatu, Bowen Li’s team has bravely undertaken the company’s major research projects and obtained many achievements. He applied for more than 10 national invention patents (6 of them were approved), published many papers, also obtained the titles of honor «Excellent Employee» and «Management Star» of Yatu for many times. He won the first prize of “Heshan Invention and Creation Award” in 2015, got the title of «Heshan Craftsman» in 2018, and was granted «Provincial May 1st Labor Medal» in May 2019. Besides, he was employed as an extramural signatory tutor by South China University of Technology in 2018. In April 2021, he was selected into the commendation list of «National May 1st Labor Medal». All these honors, he deserves.

“What supports you to move forward, to conquer all the difficulties in your work? makes you so excellent man?” the reporter asked.

“I am not alone, I have strong backups, my families, my team, my company YATU” he answered, “Actually I just did what I should do, what I want to do, and luckily I found what I can do, and all of these with my team members’ support made me who I am today.”

“Would you like to tell us your dream?”

“Well, I don’t like to call it dream actually, I prefer to call it goal,” he smiled, “I wish people in the world will give priority to our products, choose them first one day when they need. And for that, I am willing to devote all my life.”