Numbers of rail transit projects of Yatu has successfully delivered

13 января, 2023
13 января, 2023 ytadmin

The Greater Bay Area speeds up on rail transit development

In recent years, our rail transportation industry is in the stage of high-quality development, and gradually become the leader in the world. Successfully creating a world-class golden sign with Chinese characteristics.

The urban rail construction of Greater Bay Area is also in rapid development. Especially Shenzhen, as the core engine of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, is committed to spreading the rail transit throughout the whole Greater Bay Area. This year, the subway Lines 12, 14 and branch lines of Line 6 were opened one after another in Shenzhen, the length of rail transit in service has exceeded 500 kilometers and extended to many cities.

Shining moment of Yatu’s project delivery

Yatu has seized the opportunity of rail transit development in the Greater Bay Area. In 2022, Yatu still kept full energy and move forward in rail transit project, delivered plenty of projects successfully.

Shenzhen Metro Line 14  painting delivery

Shenzhen Metro Line 12 painting delivery

Painting delivery for the branch line of Shenzhen Metro Line 6

Won the bid for painting of Dongguan Line 2

The pearl river delta train painting delivery

Steady improvement on product performances with full heart

With more than 5 years experience, Yatu makes great breakthroughs in the application of waterborne coatings in rail transit field . Especially the high-performance waterborne coatings, is widely used in many projects. In 2022, Yatu’s whole set waterborne products has successfully pass the ”CRCC — Technical review of coating products for railway carriage”, which means Yatu will make further contributions in both cargo railways and high-speed railways projects.

Recognition and trust contribute to win more projects definitely

After successfully delivered all these projects, Yatu is ascendant in research and development, which makes better performance of product and rigorous coating process. The customer’s recognition and trust lay the foundation for more projects. Yatu will sustained high-quality development to become the main enterprise of technological innovation.

The goal is always full of shinning. At the end of the year, let us towards 2023 with firm steps!