Exploit a Green Path for Yatu Waterborne Coatings

15 марта, 2022
15 марта, 2022 ytadmin


GREEN MANUFACTURING has been the top priority for Auto. Industry development. During the opening year of the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan, higher and stricter policies are put forward for economic growth. Customers are more focus on environmental-friendly, healthier and safer consumption. Green and low-carbon consumption are the mainstream, which further induces Auto Refinishing Industry transfer from solvent to waterborne instantly, so the waterborne coatings ushered in the golden period.

Listen, Yatu Waterborne Coating plays the «Song of Spring»  

(1) Accelerate the pace to promote the industry green forces in depth

As “The Leader in Car Refinish” in China, Yatu has given full play to the synergy of resources. By relying on the existing business channels, with many years of R & D advantages and precipitation, and supported by senior industry technical experts, Yatu had establish benchmarking Body and Paint shops gradually in the eastern, southwest and southern China, which will certainly exert a significant influence on the promotion of Yatu waterborne coatings all over the country. To satisfy customers’ expectation for lean management, Yatu also takes measures from five aspects to robust sustainable development of the industry by making on-site diagnosis and rapid rectification from process maintenance, quality management system, product and EHS, equipment and tools and personnel skills’ training and so on.

(2) Stand High and See Far

– Speed up the penetration of China domestic green brand in the market

Eastern China market, as the frontier area of China’s economic growth, has many foreign brands and belongs to the most competitive field.  Yatu aims at the opportunity to seize initiative and occupy the market. Since last year, Yatu has stepped on the pace of cooperation with the influential representatives, such as, Body and Paint Center of «Shanghai Shen Rong», the industry association of «Shanghai Che Chang Xing», and the 4S shop of «Dongfeng Honda». With gradually penetration of the national brand’s green DNA to multipoint layout, Yatu will spare no effort to open up many green tracks unremittingly.

Mr. Xia Guosheng – Yatu Regional Manager in Eastern China

Mr. Xia Guosheng – Yatu Regional Manager in Eastern China

“It’s hard, but it’s going to end well.”

The geographical advantage of Eastern China is a stronghold for foreign brands to nibble. With the deep-rooted ideas of people to worship foreign brands, which made our road ahead is quite difficult.  Yatu products application and promotion here is really a key breakthrough. Even it seems a small step, but that’s a huge progress in the brand positioning.  In the face of competitors’ strong financial support, brand endorsement and mature business channels, we have no choice but to constantly look for chances, by solid product quality and steady technical services to overcome challenges one by one.  However, I believe that efforts will be rewarding. Now, the dawn has arrived, the road ahead will be wider and wider.


General Manager of Shen Rong Auto. in Eastern Shanghai

Perseverance leads to China Brand & Wisdom leads to Industry Future

Along with many enterprises intensively layout and compete for the green industry, how to play the game and stay ahead?  We have a clear answer: tenacity is the fundamental, innovation is the principal, synergy is the driving force, and strength is the outcome.