8 марта, 2022
8 марта, 2022 ytadmin

Here are some ladies from YATU

Some, are as gentle as water

Some, are crisp and assured

Some, are in their prime time

Some, are working at the “battlefield”

Some, devoted work for decades


They are capable “Working Moms”

Mature “Spicy Ladies”

Also powerful “Girly Girls ”


Women’s Day falls

Let’s hear their voices.


Associate Director of R & D Center——Chen Rong’ai

«I love to elevate and devote myself in the challenging life.»

Suffering trials and hardships for over 17 years, I devoted myself to technical service, quality inspection and technology R & D industries. Thank Yatu for companying me all the time from a naïve girl who shakes when nervous to become a brave, open-minded and mature lady.

Yatu is my family. I have witnessed the rapid rise of it, no words can fully express my excitement for that. Thank Yatu for the opportunities, for tolerance and understanding. I sincerely wish all ladies in such a new era can seize opportunities, strive for their lives to live out loud!


Supervisor of Production and Operation Center ——Lv Yanfen

«The devil is in the details, mentality is everything!»

Choose right platform, be my own queen! Nearly 17 years of career, I experienced fierce job competitions, rose through the ranks to be an executive, I never shirk a challenge. Self-discipline and hard work are my secrets to flexibly handle coordination and emergencies happened in the practical production processes.

No matter what delivery demands customers put forward, we are certain to complete. It is tired to work overtime and stay up late occasionally, but the customer’s recognition and praise make everything worth. I know opportunities to enrich myself are everywhere, all I should do is to do every thing well to live up to my youth.


Manager of Quality Assurance Department ——Deng Shaofang

«I admire all ups and downs in life, because I try my best to do everything.»

Work hard and enjoy our life! I spent my most precious twelve years of my life in Yatu, which provides me stable home life and favorite job. Gratitude for Yatu’s cultivation, I can easily balance family and work life even when my kid was young.

During the annual all-out sprint production, our teams work together with high enthusiasm, no on has any complaints for work overtime, which moved me a lot. In future, I will seek out more breakthroughs in both work and life to make myself a new woman who possesses rich spiritual world and has positive impact on my teams.


Latin America Sales Manager of International Business Department —— Zuo Shufang

«Maybe life is not very cool, but I can work cool»

Already eight years in the blink of an eye. With the company’s business globalization and fierce industry competition, I keep moving to successfully turn the “battlefield” into my “runway stage“. Now, I am capable of processing complex orders with easy assurance and calm, creating profits for company, and winning the trust of customers.

At work, I concentrate all my spirits to finish every task to improve my professional. In life, I am always positive and energetic. I know my time is limited, so I try to make every second significant.


Group Leader of Color Management Department——Tan Xiaohong

«Facing challenges, also can “Lady First”.»

Have been working at ordinary positions for over ten years, I gained a lot. Served in different positions, I got all-round growth to help me successfully control work. During the chaotic routine work, I always find my skill or what I think would be fun to do, then complete the work with enjoyment. The characteristics of being attentive, willing to listen, communicate and share are interpreted well in my team.

Now, I am more focused on quality of both work and life. I believe, a single spark can start a prairie fire. A small fry can also create great value, you just need to do it!


Best wishes for all goddesses to pursue dreams and shine in their own industries!