From October 31st to November 3rd, Yatu joined SEMA exhibition  with its two strong brands Perfecoat and PC LV, SEMA show is the world’s leading professional auto and modifiable vehicle parts exhibition , it come on stage and show the strength and charm of Chinese coatings to the world users.

Yatu brand keep pace with the time

Yatu has joined SEMA show for 9 consecutive years, many customers come to our booth and exchange the market information ,to know more about the customer’s needs and  the industry dynamics. Yatu provide customers with a full range of technical and support in this exhibition.

Nowadays, Perfecoat has become a well-known brand of auto refinish coatings for customers in Americas with years of accumulation and excellent reputation from users which successfully attracting customers in the entire American market.

Yatu become a global brand

The cost performance is particularly important under the downgrade for the consumption which caused by economic inflationin Europe and the United States , so the domestic brands shows its advantage in it. Yatu take this advantage in 2023, participated in major of professional  exhibitions in around the world, to bring the new product , good product up to customers and build from business globalization to brand globalization based on product quality and focus on user needs.

 Accumulate experience and go forward

At the end of 2023, Yatu successfully closed the exhibition in China, South Africa, Russia, Dubai,and the United States . Yatu product is widely recognized by our customers , which is under the support of Yatu  innovation system. Yatu system is focus on high-quality product innovation research and development, to know more about customer ‘s demand  and meet the differentiated needs and achieve global linkage.

A lot of people join the exhibition and satified with the harvest!Let’s go ahead, look forward to Yatu walk into the global brand highland market step by step.