R&D Center

The 10,000m2 R&D centre is set over 6 floors and houses over 100 color chemists, tasked with continual color matching and formula development.
Using the latest tech equipment, we work with our OEM customers to create colors for their vehicles, using a painting robot working under constant temperature and humidity to perfectly simulate their factory paint lines.

It is also here that our chemists develop new and innovative eco-friendly solutions to ensure our future and that of the planet. We pursue a green economy where we research and develop environmental-friendly waterborne paints, build and promote green paint brands under the principles of Low Consumption, Low Emission and Low Carbon Footprint of all processes.

Collaboration with the industry, universities and academia enable us to not only stay at the forefront of technology, but to lead the industry. Currently, our chemists hold over 30 patents in the waterborne paint category alone.

At a glance:

Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Chamber

This lab is equipped with precision devices and can be configured as a walk-in temperature and humidity chamber to simulate various natural environments.  This ensures that our products perform optimally for our customers in different regions around the globe.

Painting Robot

Works under constant temperature and humidity to simulate the production process of OEM factories.

Production Imitation Devices

Independent devices for pilot testing of polymer synthesis, solvent-based products and waterborne products.

Testing and Analysis Equipment

Instruments and devices for testing and the analysis of new products and materials during research and development. The shear scale and professionalism of the R&D center means that Yatu attracts the best talent in the industry.


Yatu chemists co-operate with colleges and universities to facilitate the industrialization of new technology patents and cultivate talent in the industry.  This innovative strategy ensures that new breakthroughs are tested in real world conditions and brought to market as quickly as possible.