YATU Technical Service Team Conducts Trainings to Auto Group JinDaZhou

Agosto 16, 2021
Agosto 16, 2021 ytadmin

From July 25th to August 8th, YATU technical service team conducts a series of professional trainings to Automobile Group JinDaZhou in Changchun of China, which oriented to improve technical staff operational skills, enhance their comprehensive competence and promote the enterprise striving and upward spirits. The good results achieved also laid solid foundation to the following Spraying Competition, which was estimated to be hold within the Group in Sep.

 Focus on Technology and Product

In the training site, YATU technicians made a very detailed and professional trainings whatever in theoretical or practical, which covered products use, color mixing, on-site formula blending, spraying techniques, spray-gun debugs and so on. Maxytone PLUS was used as an example to be applied its excellent performance was highly appraised by all trainees. They said that not only felt the brand emotional value, but also refreshed their brand memory to YATU.

Improve competitive level to service customers efficiently

In recent years, YATU is committed to enhance products strength and high-quality trainings to customers, especially for some Auto Group, as so to continuously conduct one-stop solutions from origins. Meanwhile, thus will contributes Auto Groups to accelerate the expansion and enhance competitive ability. It is also beneficial to YATU future long-term planning and strategy of becoming a leading enterprise in Auto Refinishing Industry.