Yatu Proud to Make Impressive Progress in

Setembro 5, 2022
Setembro 5, 2022 ytadmin

In recent years overseas markets are becoming the most popular destination for Chinese Automobile Manufacturers, as they step up efforts to go abroad. China is growing into an automotive power especially in the NEV segment, so the vehicle exports hit a sustainable new peak along with the golden period of development for Automotive interior and exterior business.

Impressive Progress Lies On and In

With a solid strength and deep development of ideas in Auto Refinishing, in 2019, Yatu had undertook the research and industrialization of the major science and technology projects of “Environmental Low VOC Automotive Interior and Exterior Coating” in Guangdong province. Yatu also become the main author of the formulation of the standard “DB44 – Automotive Interior Coating”.

The robustly growing for production capacity and sales volume are largely accounted for excellent product performance and cost-saving advantages, Yatu had received high recognition in R&D, quality, price, supplying and operation from OEMs, and launched a lot of projects. The products are widely used in GAC Aion bumper and tail, bumper of Dongfeng, spare tire cover in Tank of Great Wall, door handle and rear mirror of Geely, plus interior systems of Chang’an CS75, BYD, and Great Wall.

Refining Technology to Gain More Recognition

Under the background of intensifying industry competition, expanding leading brand customers is the key to propel growth of the business. With the strong technical application and powerful color development ability, Yatu had been recognized by YFPO, which is the world-famous automotive exteriors system of vendor, and also reached in-depth cooperation with a number of large Auto parts suppliers, committed to build large-scale development in this area.


Waterborne-based Coating Is the Trend

With the concept of green and personalized consumption deeply rooted in people’s hearts, Automotive interior and exterior coating and technology are facing new challenges. Yatu mature waterborne coating system can meet the different needs and national standards with the low VOC content and superb comprehensive performance, such as, trim electrostatic and non-electrostatic coating series used in Automotive Exterior, and matte, dumb and silver series used in Automotive Interior. This all provide a broader scope for Yatu to exploit further.

A Long and Clear way Togethering with Auto Manufacturers to Please Customers

China’s automobile manufacturing is growing. With the deepening influence of new energy vehicle brands in consumers’ minds, their demands become more and more defined from the car exterior to interior. Yatu had hit a symbolic milestone from scratch. This is a very good beginning. However, the vision to serve the car owners well together with car makers is never-ending and worthy to explore unremittingly.