The 2023 “Ankang Cup” Auto Repair Skills Competition was Successfully Held

Dezembro 30, 2023
Dezembro 30, 2023 ytadmin

On November 30th, 2023, the 2023 “Ankang Cup” Auto Repair Skills Competition sponsored by the safety Production Committee and Labor Competition Committee of Anhui Hefei Automobile Passenger Transport Co., Ltd.  Was concluded successfully. Yatu combines with the dealer “Hefei Xing Bang Trading Co., Ltd. “participates in the competition organization, assist to training practice and refereeing .

Yatu assist with technical training

The competition aims to raise the employees’ enthusiasm for learning knowledge, developing business, and comparing skills, and to improve employees’ awareness of production safety and protection and safe operation skills. At the same time, we will strengthen the training and cultivate high skilled professionals in the group, to lead a model in the industry. Yatu fully leverages its advantages in the training of technical skills,the teachers teach and juadge accurately to escort the high-quality competition.

The result of the competition

The tight schedule made the all the competitors under stressed, but they were focused and made progress despite the pressure, carefully and steadily controlling the spraying gun. After two rounds competition, there will be 10 people received awards in first, second and third prizes. The leaders give great praise to this high-standard competition.

Yatu teaming up with customers at all levels

In the past two years, Yatu has devoted itself to teaming up with customers at all levels to cultivate high-quality and efficient technical experts for the industry which received many praises and greatly improved its domestic brand. The reputation and recognition of its own brand have been rising around the world year after year. The service in the market competition is gradually become obvious and it creats a valuable foundation for the brand .