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Setembro 27, 2022
Setembro 27, 2022 ytadmin

On Sep 7th 2022, The first Paint Technicians Competition of Huajie Group-“Huajie Cup” was successfully held in Huajie flagship store in Changsha city of Hunan province, The competition is carried out with the theme of ” Along the way, thanks for you”, with the patronage of “Yatu Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd” and full support of ” Changsha Jitai Chemical Trading Co.,Ltd”, the results of this event are quite abundant, and it is highly praised by the leaders from Changan Auto.

Head of customer experience in South China Region of Changan –Wang Wei

Changan South China Regional service SDU – Hu Jinzhong

Central China Territory Manager of Yatu — Zhang Xiaolong

General Manager of Changsha Jitai Chemical Trading Co., LTD – Dong Shende

Chairman assistant of Huajie Group– Chen Zhiyong

Deputy general manager of Huajie Group– Chen Qing

Driven by High Standards

As Chinese top 2 benchmark dealers of Changan Auto, Huajie owns 21 standard Changan 4S stores and many customer-experience stores, covering Changsha, Liuyang, Ningxiang, Changde, Yongzhou, Yiyang, Nanchang, Jiujiang and other cities. Since its establishment in 2010, it has provided professional services for more than 200,000 Changan car owners. The refinishing paint are used from 100% of specified brand of Yatu. Huajie had won a number of honorary titles of Changan Auto in the 10th years. Changsha Jitai Paint, also to be known by the name of Asia Pacific Paint, as the influential and largest paint distributor in Hunan, its service range has covered all the cities in Hunan with more than 20 years of deep cultivation in the industry, which can be regarded as the industry “benchmark” and “model”.

On the basis of strategic cooperation with Changan Auto, Yatu worked with distributor Asia Pacific paint and Huajie Group to host the contest, focusing on how to improve after-sales service and upgrade professional skills , combined the theoretical learning into professional operation, committed to creating the first-class service system to reward the Changan car owner by excellent skill and sophisticated technique.

Designed to Develop and Nurture Technicians in the Refinish Coatings Industry

Time passed by minutes and seconds, the air is frozen, contestants from around 4S shop of Huajie Group are all with full prepare, they holding the airbrush and mixing the parameters step by step, go all out in every process, they polish every flaw and spray every product carefully, the exquisite skills honed in daily work are all brought into full play which can show their ingenuity, professionalism and rigor of an excellent technician. Finally, they accumulated high-quality experience from the judges’ comments and sharing.

Premium Flagship Event to Ensure the Sustainable Development

With the continuous integration and upgrading of car after-sales service, customers have increasingly strong requirements for it. Yatu takes “Product+ technical +service “ as a weapon, galloping in the high-end market of self-owned brand coatings. The battle of this spraying competition was successful finished , it revealed Yatu , Huajie Group, and Asia-Pacific paint are strong cooperation to depth and work together to create a highly consistent brand value, to lay a certain foundation for the domestic coatings.