Congratulations! YATU is awarded the title of “Guangdong Province Enterprise of Integration of Production and Education”

Março 15, 2022
Março 15, 2022 ytadmin

Recently, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced the list of the second batch of enterprises with integration of production and education in Guangdong Province. Yatu is awarded the title of “enterprise with integration of production and education”.

Deepen the integration between production and education, Promote school-enterprise cooperation

In recent years, Yatu has deeply participated in the integration of production and education, cooperated with dealers at all levels, develops in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with vocational and technical colleges in various provinces and cities in China. Yatu plays the main enterprise role and launches a series of vocational skills training which contains theoretical courses, on-the-job internships, the organization of vocational skills competitions, etc. These initiatives achieved remarkable results and created great social value. What’s more, the competitiveness and resilience of Yatu are also enhanced with certain industry demonstration effects.    






Focus on skilled personnel cultivating , Promote the brand deeply and spreadly

This honor puts forward higher requirements for us to speed up the cultivation of highly skilled talents who can really adapt to the development of the paint industry and meet the needs of enterprises. Yatu will always persist and firmly follow the mode of the integration of production and education, providing the practical training for students and post practice for teachers, and continuously optimizing various measures of integration of production and education to promote and empower the high-level development of vocational education. Yatu will devoted to school-enterprise cooperation and make contributions to vocational education.