Congrats | Yatu Showell Waterborne Auto Refinish Was Certified by AVATR Auto Maker in its OEM Repair Centers

Fevereiro 17, 2023
Fevereiro 17, 2023 ytadmin

Wonderful beginning of 2023 !
After long times audited and evaluated, Yatu product “Showell waterborne coatings” has obtained the refinish paint certification of AVATR and started deep cooperation.

Yatu product makes breakthrough in new energy field
Yatu as the leading enterprise in refinish coating field with years of experience. “Showell waterborne coatings” has been successfully used in numbers of major projects with outstanding advantage from develop to spray, its superior quality has won the recognition and trust of all the customers. In the future, Yatu will persistently provide AVATR with series of professional, standard, high quality waterborne paint solutions.
Low VOC, reaches State Environmental-protection Standard
High solid product with strong coverage, easy to apply, high construction efficiency 
Complete color formula, covers all main car colors in the market
Full range product system with precise color matching, small color difference in wet or dry spraying

Cooperation makes the best
AVATR is a high-end global brand which created by Changan Auto, Huawei, and CATL, it is committed to exploring more convenient modes of humanized travel and created intelligent travel experience for users. As the combination of Yatu and AVATR, Yatu will definitely win more opportunities of business develop . Yatu brand will be recognition by more and more people in the field of new energy in near future.