Promote the Development of Integration Between Industry and Education by College-Enterprise Cooperation

July 5, 2022
July 5, 2022 ytadmin

  • The First Batch of “Yatu Class” Students Graduated from Yunfu Technician College

On June 22, the supply and demand meeting was successfully held in Yunfu Technician College, which was jointly hosted by “Yunfu Technician College” and Yatu, and especially targeted for the students graduating from 2018 Yatu Class. Yatu distributor “Yunfu Zhicai Trading Co., LTD.” and “Foshan Guangyouwei Paint Co., LTD.”, as well as the end customer “LITED GROUP” were invited as the distinguished guests to witness the “blooming moment”.

Hard to Obtain Employment in Pandemic?Not Really!

For most graduates, the employment situation under the impact of the epidemic was quite grimly. However, that’s not a case for graduates from automotive painting major. There are 25 students in “2018 Yatu Class”, 5 of them were received offers from Yatu, and the other 20 were successfully recruited by Yatu distributiors. Yatu precisely explores the School-Enterprise cooperation converging superiority. The students have been trained based on the market demands. It greatly shorten the transition time from campus to work-site, and also relieve the pressure on the talents demand of color mixing and painting in Auto after-sales-market industry.

Integration KNOWLEDGE and APPLICATION to Create a Glorious Future

School education focuses on cultivating students’ “knowledge”, while enterprise trainings place emphasis on shaping students’ “application”. In recent years, Yatu always devoted itself to promote School-Enterprise cooperation, and committed to cultivating highly skilled talents for the industry. In 2022, Yatu was awarded the “Social Training and Evaluation Organization of Guangdong Vocational Skill Level”. With this strength, Yatu subsidiary company of Yatu Technology Service Co., LTD., radical provides trainings for these personnel who has no any background in color mixing and painting, to carry out “Skills Express Class” especially for the junior student in vocational colleges, and also to implement “Occupation Skill Appraisal” for social personnel already engaged in the industry. It fully showed that the future prospects of the industry skilled talents were bounded to be promising.Yatu sponsored scholarship to support graduates to be more excellent          A new and exciting career journey will be started in JulyTake ideal as the background, on the way to my dream is closer and closer  Graduates are most concerned about the cultivation mode, position requirements and promotion channels

The signing intention was reached and the interactive atmosphere was good.Congratulations