Investigation Team’ of Changchun Jindazhou Group Visited Yatu

June 16, 2023
June 16, 2023 ytadmin

On June 12th 2023, the delegation from Jindazhou Group of Changchun city visited Yatu for a series of inspections and friendly in-depth exchanges. They visited the production workshop, R&D and training center. The high-level management of Yatu warmly received the team, leaving a deep impression on them with profound corporate culture explanations, high-quality product introductions, and wonderful Q&A solutions, which laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between both parties.

By Communication to Promote the Growth and Sharing to Improvement

At the exchange meeting, both parties spoke freely and had a heated discussion on the fast-repair and other issues of concern to the industry, for example, how to utilize the fast repair to explore business growth better? How to integrate professional skills into the entire vehicle delivery process. The spraying experts from Yatu conduct a detailed analysis of the high-quality value-added services that the company can provide to customers. The observation team also visited the Yatu benchmark Green Panels Repair Center in Shanghai, and other several Panels Repair Centers in Jiangsu province. They gained richer and more tangible insights by on-site visits.

Founding the Future with Unremitting Efforts

This is a very grounded investigation, where both sides actively explore the intersection of future deepening cooperation. The exchange of experience and collision of ideas between the two teams is bound to stimulate each other’s continuous progress and advancement. Behind the inspection, It’s Yatu’s leadership and continuous cultivation in the field. Let’s wait for both sides to jointly seek business opportunities in a broader field, cooperate for win-win results, and promote the high-quality and stable development of the automotive aftermarket industry.