Coating Skills Competition of the Alliance between Jinrun Group and Yatu

novembre 7, 2023
novembre 7, 2023 ytadmin

Changan Automobile « Runjin Cup », which hold on September 8th, as the second session of spraying skills competition was successfully ended in Changsha Runjin Hunan province . The painting workers from various stores get together to join this great competition.

Win Win Cooperation

Runjin group is one of the leading car dealer groups of Changan Automobile sales in China with strong cultural . Yatu as the leader of refinish paint, join with « Changsha Colorful Paint Trading Co., LTD. », participated in the whole process, especially in technical support, to make sure the contest can be successfully held.

Spray to Excellence

Changan Automobile continues to move towards to a world-class brand, more color are being required, the birth of some new car colors also puts higher requirements on spraying skill. Runjin Group pay great attention in this competition, The painting workers from various stores get together to present their spraying skills perfectly in accordance with the standard process within a limited time. Those specific painting details are the key to win after-sales service.

Keep Going to Create a Prestigious National Brand 

In recent years, Yatu pays more attention to the field of automotive after-sales service and talent training, always cooperated with dealers to provide customers with higher quality after-sales service with environmentally friendly and efficient products, rapid and accurate color matching capabilities, professional technology and training support, In the future, we will continue to join with major automobile groups to bring more efficient after-sales service to our customers.