décembre 30, 2023
décembre 30, 2023 ytadmin

On November 22-23, 2023, Changan Auto Group 2023 Spraying Skills Competition was held in Jinan, Shandong. Yatu assists in the whole process from Preliminary coaching to final competition, provide high quality training and other services for the competition.

Excellence leads victory

At present, the competition in the auto market is all-round ,the competition in after-sales service is becoming increasingly competitive. Paying attention to after-sales service is the key to maintaining customers. The aims of this competition is to pursue excellence and hone professional skills through actual combat, so as to encourage the group to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and improve quality in the after-sales service sector, create a strong after-sales service system, and provide abundant technical nourishment for Changan Automobile to lead the market.

Breakthourgh comes from long term accumulation

More than 150 technicians from Changan Automobile’s Central China Theater passed various assessments. During the two-month preliminaries, 16 elite contestants stood out and performed a wonderful and exciting performance for everyone with their theories and superb practical operations. A feast of high-energy events. Throughout the competition, the well-trained contestants showed their profound heritage and ingenuity with their excellent skills and flexible adaptability. The judges carefully assessed the performance of the contestants, made detailed scores and patient comments, and everyone benefited a lot.

Being strong and go ahead

As a leading company in the auto industry, Changan pay great attention to the comprehensive quality and professional capabilities of its employees. As a long-term supplier of Changan , Yatu is committed to providing professional, meticulous and thoughtful services to every Changan dealer and responding quickly to all customer , as well as focusing on the continuous improvement of Changan Auto’s after-sales service system by complete professional training. In the future, Yatu will continue to promote the cultivation of technical people in the automotive after-sales market.