On September 27th and 28th, the «Pre-match Training for the First Spraying Skills Competition of Changan Auto’s in Central China » was held in Shandong Zibo Century Automobile Co., Ltd. The training targets were all the outstanding technical talents which from Changan Auto’s stores from western and eastern. The outstanding players with good marks will join the next round of competition. The technical teachers from Yatu provide all-round assistance , they guidance the pre-match training , focusing on details. The training content covers theoretical examinations and full-process of spraying .

Deepen the Foundation and Develop Skills

With the continuous integration and upgrading of auto after-sales services, customers have increasingly demands for refined after-sales services. Changan Auto has always attached great importance to the cultivation of technical skills and has formed a chain that organically combines training, competition and promotion. Yatu takes «products & technology& services» as a powerful tool, and cooperates with Changan Auto to focus on the improvement and upgrading of after-sales service professional skills. In this training, every players went all out, they focusing on every detail of the entire process from basic judgment to bare metal spraying. They asked questions and communicated actively,  accumulated high-quality experience from the class sharing session.

Practice makes Perfect

In the future, Yatu will continue to cooperate with Changan Group to hold multiple skills training competitions in different places, from theoretical learning to professional practice, committed to build a first-class service system in the industry, and giving back Changan car owners with strength of technology accumulation. Cultivate more people for the automotive aftermarket and provide abundant technical course for Changan Auto to lead the market.