Yatu paint is applied on the official designated vehicles in “The 31st FISU Summer World University Game”

agosto 12, 2023
agosto 12, 2023 ytadmin

With everyone’s expected, “The 31st FISU Summer World University Game” was held in Chengdu , Sichuan. This event shows Chinese characteristics and being watched around the world with more flavor and spirit of the times.

Yatu brings unlimited colors to New Energy Bus

“Wow, these buses are so cute, there is a panda sprayed on the bus!” The people whom seems these new energy buses are all gave great appreciation on it. Gree titanium new energy Facial Masks bus and Dolphin bus are designated special vehicles for the event and it played an important role in guarantee the «Green Universiade» travel and urban traffic. Yatu, as an excellent supplier of GREE ALTAIRNANO, it provided high-end decorative finish coating for the new energy bus to ensure the order is in perfect deliver. This perfect color result reflects the exquisite spraying technology and unique product quality of Yatu.

Concentrate on developing a stable environmental car paint

In recent years, Yatu has deeply focused on the field of bus coatings, and established deep cooperation with many commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Foton Bus, GREE ALTAIRNANO, BYD, CRCC Bus, etc., to provide highly competitive solutions for each project’s special coating needs. Waterborne coatings, high-solid with low-viscosity coatings and solvent environmental protection coatings have excellent performance in application. With cost advantages and comprehensive system, it is highly meet customer personalized coating needs, and widely applied in many large projects.

Antique DangDang Bus

Cultural Travel Bus

Cultural Dolphin Bus

Cultural Face-changing Bus

Electric Logistic Vehicle

BYD Electric Bus

Foton Bus

Keep going and catch
 the time

Taking the opportunity of this event, Yatu taking forward on a bigger stage relied on its high performance coatings, showing great potential of Chinese coatings to the world. With the guidance of various planning and policies, the new energy automobile industry is developing very fast . We look forward to Yatu making more achievements in other projects, and get to a higher stage in green painting industry.