Gree Altairnano makes colorful traffic

diciembre 20, 2022
diciembre 20, 2022 ytadmin

YATU is crowned with success in «Gree Altairnano‘s painting project of new energy logistics vehicles 

Following  «New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)» new requirements are put forward for the proportion of new energy logistics vehicles. Meanwhile, under the background of accelerating global «carbon neutrality», the new energy vehicle and energy storage industry has obtained a historic development opportunity. Yatu insight into the market trend, relying on the comprehensive strength of stable product system and rich painting experience, stood out from a number of competitors,  won the bidding of the «Gree Altairnano’s painting project of the first batch with 20,000 new energy logistics vehicles» in early 2022. 

Close collaboration generates vast business

In Chengdu Xinjin Tianfu Intelligent Industrial Park, rows of new energy logistics vehicles with traditional  opera face and integration of industrial technology are ready to go to all parts of the country, to inject new vitality into traffic and green genes into the city. At present, some vehicles have been successfully put into the market and received a good response, the follow-up progress of the project is still strong.

In recent years, Yatu and Gree Altairnano have carried out in-depth cooperation in various vehicle projects. Excellent construction and performance of Yatu product has perfectly meet the requirements of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving; On-site construction can quickly respond to the fast pace of the production line, unique models, and increase production capacity which can fully meet the demand of order peak period. In the future, on the basis of continuous deepening cooperation with each other, we are expected that continue to promote the implementation of multiple projects.

New energy bus – With the green color , new energy bus just like a green mobile castle, beautify the landscape, shoulder the task of green travel.

Dolphin bus -The small dolphin imprinted with strong Chinese elements shows the vitality of Chinese manufacturing and the cultural confidence of the Chinese nation to the world.

Vintage bus -The appearance looks like the Republic of China tram , the «green» matte paint spray in the body with high level of appearance.

Opera face bus – Traditional Beijing Opera facial masks and modern intelligence are properly integrated to display the quintessence of Chinese elegance, showing the unique charm of «Chinese style»

Mobile P2+ nucleic acid testing bus – High-tech assistant to prevent epidemic, the» guardian»of nucleic acid sampling workstation .

High-quality development comes from the ongoing GREE concept

For a long time, in the cooperation with domestic mainstream bus manufacturers, Yatu has won unanimous praise for its superior product strength and the delivery of high-quality batch painting projects. Gree Altairnano logistics vehicles advocate green energy consumption, integrated strong green genes and technological innovation elements. The paint of customized development of Automotive part & Accessories, the bottom-to-surface painting are completely in accordance with the high environmental protection standards of the bus system. In the face of short time and more vehicles, the on-site technical service personnel go all out to complete the task with high quality.

Keep up with the times

The era of new energy vehicles is accelerate soon, Yatu  follows the new energy deep into the industrial chain, the green coating to the end. With dribs of product strength and service, continue to cast on perfect products, to provide customers with a complete set of professional and perfect painting solutions, promote the intelligent, digital, green and efficient painting of buses, and accelerate Yatu to high-end diversification.