agosto 2, 2021
agosto 2, 2021 ytadmin

On July 29, the 2021 Guangdong Coating Industry Development Conference was grandly held with the theme of “Let the World See the Brilliance of Guangdong Coating» by Guangdong Coating Industry Association. At the conference, Yatu was awarded the title of «The Leader in Car Refinish», and the Chairman, Feng Zhaojun was invited to participate in the ceremony and forum activities. Meanwhile, Yatu was rated as “An Enterprise with Outstanding Contributions During the China 13th Five-year Plan”, and YATU technical manager, Ruan Weiming, was successfully selected as a member of Guangdong Coating Expert Commission.

Since establishing, YATU always attached great importance to product development and service system improvement in car refinishing industry. In 2015, after the new three-dimensional and integrated automatic plant was put into use, YATU has continuously made full use of advanced machinery equipment and excellent technological process to provide high-quality products, technical solutions and systematic value-added services, which comply with environmental standards and regulations around the world.

As a National High-tech Enterprise, YATU adheres to independent R & D and has the ability of national high-end car coating technology. Meanwhile, YATU is Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and R & D Engineering Center of Guangdong Automobile Coating,etc. In green-coating field, several key technologies in waterborne coatings had filled the technology gaps in China. Besides, YATU participated in drafting the Standard of Technical Specification for Green-design Product Assessment – Coating for Car Refinishing, and undertook some major research projects of Guangdong Province.

YATU development is also the epitome of China coating industry. YATU always actively responds to the implementation of national environmental protection policies, takes full use of product advantages to promote the transformation and upgrading of Coating Industry from solvent to water-based and gathers the industry strength continuously to boost its healthy development.

Being a leader, We YATU, will work with all our partners together to innovate and create more achievements continually on the path to digitalization, intelligence, green and high efficiency of car coating.