Changan Auto Intermediate Spraying Technician Certification Training Accomplished Successfully

junio 1, 2022
junio 1, 2022 ytadmin

«A clear beep sounding at 8:00am on time, Your Temperature is Normal…»

«Mixing the color again, spray the panel once more…»

«What’s the defects? Bleeding? Perfect solution, no rework, deliver the car earlier than expected, so cool…  »

«Everyone attention: strictly follow the process, ponder upon the operation, YOU ARE POSSIBLE!  …»

“Hustling and bustling. What are they doing?”

Due to repeated epidemic, the training was possible to realize offline class until the end of May in Chengdu and Heshan city respectively. Trainees from different Changan 4S stores attach great importance to this chance. A positive atmosphere of «learning, comparing, rushing, helping and surpassing» was created. Everyone honed their foundation with great concentration, made directional breakthroughs and achieved a significant progress in their all-round capabilities.


Zhang Kun«This is a comprehensive training with significant strengthen and depth.”

I’m just highlight as below:

  1. The course contents are highly targeted, focusing on the analysis of difficulties encountered in daily operation, and the theoretical explanation is vivid and fascinating, that’s pretty easy to grasp and accept.
  2. Knowledge content covers the primary and advanced level course, I know how to optimize and improve my work efficiency.
  3. The teacher bring us a lot of assets with witty words, rich experience and penetrating insights.


Wu TongguoPainting is an art, I will let you grow to love your work.

The theory and solid practices are just only one part in the training, what I am trying to deliver is motivate them to comprehend that the systematic and professional training will prompt them to break away from empiricism and stereotyped thinking, thereby replacing in an overall mode of thinking, so as to control the whole spraying process. The concept of «High quality and efficiency always comes from details» will certainly runs through the after-sales service of Changan Auto.


By strength cooperation to promote the industry development

The spraying talent always exists into one of the segments in after-sales service, their work is not in the spotlight, but that’s crucial for overall quality and efficiency enhancement. Based on the strategic cooperation between Yatu and Changan Auto, more and more high-quality trainings will be constantly taken on. Yatu will also bring the superiorities of elite team and advanced facilities into full play, and thus to support Changan after-sales service team to be leading of China automotive aftermarket and to be shining on vast land.