professional refinish
color tools

A perfect color match is the most important part of any refinish system. It’s the first and sometimes the only thing that a customer will notice when their repaired vehicle is returned by the body shop.

Our team of R&D chemists work tirelessly to develop formulations for all vehicle colors, and we support these formulations with the latest generation spectrophotometer and a superb collection of color swatches.

Spray painters around the world appreciate the ease-of-use of our online database of formulations, the accuracy of the colors and the support materials like color charts for tinting or the development of custom colors.

ColorPlus® Chip System

For many painters, nothing beats the convenience and reassurance of matching the vehicle’s color to a color chip. The new ColorPlus® system features 8,500 chips sprayed with the actual paint and arranged in convenient color-group chromatic sequence for easy assessment of variants. The painter can then simply scan the QR code on the back of each chip to access the online formula database. The online database is continually refined and chip updates for the latest colors are supplied yearly.

At a glance :

  • 8,500 color chips sprayed with actual paint
  • QR code system for one-touch retrieval
  • 24/7 online database of over 120,000 formulas
  • Arranged in chromatic sequence for ease of use
  • Integrates with mobile QR Code scanning
  • Yearly updates of the latest car colors

24/7 Online Color Formulations

Our extensive database of over 120,000 colors is continually refined and updated to bring you the best color matches, first time. Instantly accessible from our online portal, the easy to use retrieval system gives the spray painter state-of-the-art color matching as well as traceable quality control functions.

PerfeMatch® Spectrophotometer

More painters around the world are using Spectros to accelerate their color matching times. Our new generation PerfeMatch™ spectrophotometer features a multi-camera system with the latest software upgrades for metallic particle identification. The small unit is easy to handle and works in all lighting conditions, making quick, accurate color matches a breeze.

At a glance :

  • Large database assists in finding color match quickly
  • Small size, easy-to-use, operated with one hand
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, long battery life
  • Automatic search and correction
  • Total integration with mixing bank
  • 24/7 online database
  • Available on Android, PC, iOS
  • Technology to work smarter and faster

Automatic Mixing Machine

For high-volume body shops, this innovation paves the way for major savings on toner materials. Featuring an amazing one-time calibration system, the sheer quality of this unit delivers repeatable accuracy of toner weighing down to 0.015ml. Every time! No more paint wastage or spillage with the patented 100% recirculation technology and low maintenance nozzle system. The remarkable unit even increases toner life, as they are kept in a controlled temperature environment, stirred automatically and completely sealed by a single-direction valve to prevent volatizing.

At a glance :

  • Next generation auto paint mixing technology
  • Repeatable accuracy to 0.015ml
  • One-time calibration for hassle-free use
  • Heating option keeps toners at 8-15ºC
  • Extends toner life – single direction valve & seal
  • Patented 100% recirculation – residue free
  • Purge free design eliminates wastage
  • Clean tinting area with no spillage