Yatu and Shanghai Chida Group Jointly Organized “YATU CUP” Spraying Competition

أكتوبر 28, 2022
أكتوبر 28, 2022 ytadmin

On Sep. 27, 2022, Shanghai Chida Group “Yatu CUP” spraying competition was held in “Wuling Baojun Automobile Wholly-owned Store” successfully. This has been the fourth competition jointly held by Yatu and Chida. There were totally16 spraying technicians from 8 stores taking part in the competition, as well as the representatives from Chida Group, Yatu and its distributor of Shanghai Shunxi Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Chida Group After-sales General Manager – Zhou Xiangjun

Yatu Shanghai Regional Manager – Shao Honglei

Yatu Distributor representatives – Cui Jiechao

They gathered to exchange experience and communicate skills, which reflected the great importance of the both sides attached to explore and train the technical staff, as well as improve the quality of after-sales service.

Yatu cooperated with Chida to provide a series of comprehensive supports and high-quality trainings to the competition. From the theory explanation to practice demonstration, from the control of details to overall quality inspection. All actions fully proved Yatu technical teacher’s professional knowledge accumulation and superb skills. Meanwhile, the well-placed comments from judges helped the players understand the essence of spraying. They concentrate all efforts on every process to show the true strength, which is not only on behalf of an individual, but the excellent after-sales services of Chida Group.

The good product deserves to be widely recommended. Yatu SHOWELL waterborne products were used in this competition. The excellent and stable performance are fully applicable to all types of refinishing. While improving the application efficiency, the quantity of paint consumption and VOC emission were also reduced. It is worth mentioning that Wuling Baojun 4S stores had branches in many provinces, such as in Shanghai, Fujian and Henan Province etc……, it’s the first batch of Auto Manufacturers on the market to use waterborne paint. With the application is gradually mature, Yatu SHOWELL was known by more and more customers. The achievements signal an expected vision of Yatu innovation and technology, let’s work together to embrace a prosperous future.