GAC MOTOR Spraying Technician Certification Training Was in Progress

نوفمبر 15, 2022
نوفمبر 15, 2022 ytadmin

That’s great! – I come from GuangDong.

Amazing! – I come from WuHan.

It seems fantastic! – I come from ChongQing.

Since the Mid-May of 2022, inspiring praises had resounded throughout Yatu Training Centers in Chengdu, Heshan and Wuhan, GAC Motor Spraying Technician Certification Training was in hot progress, trainees from all over the country flocked together and the series of trainings officially opened. The trainees were fully engaged, kept in mind the main contents of theoretic knowledge. That’s embodied from their more and more sophisticated practical skills and operation. The lecturers refined their experience, assisted the students to sort out the difficulties and bottleneck, which vividly interpreted the standard of spraying process, and the teacher-student linkage showed highlights with a very good learning prospect.

Chengdu training site                                                    Heshan training site                                                     Wuhan training site               


Each Fun and Wonderful Soul was Concealed in the Shiny Auto Paint

Bottom-testing is a necessary step for students with different experiences and intellectual backgrounds.

Trainees should not only master the core of spraying, understand the product itself but also know very well the whole process. Through the subtle explanation of actual cases and the practice of scenario-based spraying, their individual differences and characteristics were evaluated, and then the targeted guidance and assessment can be carried out. Meanwhile, the students would release their potential, enrich their skills, and achieve the improvements in their perception.

Listening to the Voices

~ Long term to see the Auto after-sales service, to repair the paint was just the base, we should concentrate all the efforts on customer concerns.

~ I have a clearer understanding of the standardization, the whole process and the details. At this moment, I was just like a colorful balloon being filled. It felt so superb.

~ The training was quietly down-to-earth, we had enough confidence to deal with difficult colors’ mixing and solve difficult spraying flaws and defects.

To distinguish the fantastic colors       Express yourself in every paint spraying

 Linkage with GAC MOTOR to Interpret the Gorgeous Chapter of Chinese Brands Vividly

As the Chinese Auto Brands had accelerated to the world stage and won a large number of fans overseas, it was followed by consumers’ stricter requests of after-sales service, and if we wanted to create a bright business card for “Made in China”, outstanding service advantages and solid skills were prerequisites. Yatu global layout and profound precipitation can boost Auto Manufacturers to adhere to standardization in after-sales service during the fast pace of global expansion and joined hands together to create a trustworthy of high-value Chinese national brand.