Company History

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Humble Beginnings

The establishment of Yatu Advanced Materials Co. Ltd in Heshan, China.

First Resin Production

Independently researched, developed and manufactured high quality automotive paint resin.

Broadening Our Horizons

Yatu takes its first step into the international business market.

New Wave Technology

Developed waterborne paint association with the South China University of Technology, resulting in the launch of Yatu Waterborne Paint 1.0.

The Pride of Guangdong

Yatu wins national accolades and is rated as Guangdong’s “Famous Brand and National High-Tech Enterprise”.

Our First Waterborne Brand

Successfully launched the first generation of waterborne paint into the market.

OEM Acceptance

Appointed as authorized OEM supplier by Geely, JMC, Ford and Trumpchi, with our new Yatu Waterborne Paint 2.0.

More OEM Acceptance

First-class automated production facility established. Appointed as authorized OEM supplier by Haima and Changan.

A New Wave of Customers

Appointed as authorized OEM supplier by Dongfeng, Yueda Kia and BAIC Huansu. Created a long-term co-operation with the NEV Automobile Manufacturer and new industrial customer base.

Launch in USA

YATU Group USA Inc. is established. Further investment creates our Waterborne Material Business Department and Yatu Waterborne Paint 3.0 is launched.

Universal Waterborne Launched

Appointed as authorized OEM supplier by Fengxing Auto. Yatu’s Universal Waterborne line is launched.

New Hong Kong Operation

The establishment of Yatu Group HK Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong.

New Russia & India Operation

The establishment of Yatu Russia LLP and Yatu Coatings LLP in Russia and India.

Achieved OEM certification from Great Wall of HAVAL and WEY, the establishment of GRUPO YATU MÉXICO S. DE R.L.

Lead development of the Group Standard: ”Technical specification for green-design product assessment – Automotive Refinish Coatings”, honored with “The Leader in Car Refinish”

Award the "Guangdong Province Vocational skills level social training Evaluation Organization", lead development of the National Standard: Paints and varnishes-Determination of film hardness by pencil test
We had one goal :

More technology in every drop

We wanted to create an automotive paint factory that used the latest equipment and processes to deliver a superior range of products. We wanted to create a cleaner, healthier work environment and provide our chemists with the best of the best equipment. We knew that better control, better QC and better systems would ultimately enable us to produce better products.

A greener factory

Raw materials are loaded into our tank farm and piped directly into the production equipment, limiting VOC emissions and any wastage. The innovative, multi-storey gravity feed processing systems ensure lower power consumption and further limit solvent evaporation. There’s no doubt that building such a modern facility has enabled us to apply the very latest system design to our factory. We employed the famous companies, the well-known brands and the talented minds on the planet to build us the world-renowned facility possible.


Better design, better thinking, better processes

Over 400 employees bring their A-game to the Yatu campus every day of the week. Most are in the R&D, Training and QC departments, where they apply their technical prowess to the development and quality maintenance of our products. Working closely with OEM’s and the international industry has enabled us to apply this new thinking to creating more durable, more consistent and more environmentally sustainable coatings.

A passion for precision

Mr. Feng Zhaojun, president of Yatu, is an individual who is driven by a passion for precision. Why else would one invest so heavily in ensuring that every step of the production process is so tightly controlled. From only using the highest quality pigments and raw materials, to limiting VOC emissions and the enhancing eco-friendliness of our system, no step of the process has missed this rigorous review. The latest Netsch equipment and Schneider automation controls ensure product excellence in every batch. Late to market has actually been a huge advantage for Yatu.

The culture of enterprise

Some of the most technologically advanced and highest quality products in the world are now made in China. A focus on this area of business has seen the country delivering beyond expectation. This renewed reputation of precision and quality is the cornerstone of the new enterprise culture. Yatu is at the spearhead of this new wave – a company that has invested in the best equipment, the best people and the best processes to ensure that it delivers a product range to rival the best in the world.

The sheer scale of our operation as China’s famous auto paint company enables us to achieve the economies of scale that make our products such great value for money. Continual innovation has seen us being awarded with numerous accolades as well as achieving significant international certifications and patents.